How Does Weed Delivery Work?

Our most frequently questions are answered below!

What is Rolling Releaf?
Rolling Releaf is a Social Equity certified marijuana delivery service. Rolling Releaf is located in Newton Massachusetts and focuses on delivering Rapid Releaf to the Greater Boston area. We are proud to offer Safe, Convenient, and Affordable cannabis delivery directly to your home!
How do I place a delivery order?
Rolling Releaf has made online cannabis shopping easy with our E-commerce dispensary menu. Adults age 21+ can browse our comprehensive menu of products hand picked by industry professionals for their quality and integrity to ensure you have the best of what is available in the Massachusetts Cannabis market. Once you choose your products and delivery window, you have a variety of payment options available. You can choose to pay online, use your debit card, or with cash upon delivery.
Who can place an order from Rolling Releaf?
Adults age 21+ with valid government issued identification can place orders through our E-commerce platform. Whoever places an order must be present with the same valid government issued identification to receive the order. Multiple orders can be fulfilled at the same address as long as each client is present with valid identification. Hours are 9am to 9pm
How do I receive my order from Rolling Releaf?
In compliance with Massachusetts state law, the client that placed the order must be present with valid identification to receive the order from Rolling Releaf. Once the delivery service specialist from Rolling Releaf verifies your ID they will simply ask for a signature and you are Ready for Releaf!
Where does Rolling Releaf Cannabis Dispensary deliver cannabis?
Rolling Releaf offers cannabis delivery to much of the area around Boston.

To ensure maximum satisfaction, Rolling Releaf delivery zones are located within one hour of our Newton Headquarters. You can receive a delivery in places such as Allston, Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Brighton, Brookline, Cambridge, Newton, Quincy, Somerville, Waltham, and Watertown.

As we expand our delivery capabilities we will be excited to add new zones, if you live somewhere you would like to see Rolling Releaf delivery please reach out to use here!

Are there places Rolling Releaf can NOT deliver?
In compliance with Massachusetts state law Rolling Releaf cannot deliver to federal public housing units, businesses, or university housing.
What types of Identification does Rolling Releaf accept?
We accept valid, unexpired, government-issued IDs bearing a photograph, expiration date and birth date. Examples include state-issued driver’s license, state-issued identification card and passport. We do not accept expired or temporary IDs, nor learners’ permits.
Are there marijuana delivery purchase limits through Rolling Releaf?
The current Massachusetts cannabis regulations limit recreational customers to purchase a maximum of one ounce of cannabis (or the equivalent of cannabis products) per day. Customers may also only receive one delivery per calendar day, multiple customers may place an order at the same address as long as each customer has valid ID and is 21 years or older.
What are the hours of operation?

Rolling Releaf will be making cannabis deliveries between 12pm-8:59pm. The last delivery must take place before 9pm, therefore cutoff times for placing orders will be between 8pm-8:30pm depending on delivery location.

Is marijuana delivery discreet?
Yes! Ordering from Rolling Releaf is one of the safest and most discreet weed delivery services in all of Massachusetts. Rolling Releaf delivery specialists will arrive in an unmarked vehicle wearing plain clothes for maximum discretion. For your privacy we do not share your personal information.
Can you return weed after delivery?
Rolling Releaf does not accept returns, however if a product is found to be defective Rolling Releaf will credit the item for an equal exchange.
What payment options are there for weed delivery?
Rolling Releaf offers safe and secure cashless payment options. We recommend paying for your marijuana with Mobile Prepayment, our new secure, one-click mobile payment method for marijuana delivery from our trusted partner Strong Hold. Simply choose cash or debit upon checkout and you will receive a text message with detailed instructions after your order is confirmed.

All Rolling Releaf weed delivery drivers also carry debit terminals for pin based debit transactions that can be completed when you receive your weed delivery.

You can also pay for your weed delivery in cash when you accept your weed delivery. With multiple payment options for cannabis delivery Rolling Releaf makes it as easy as possible to pay for cannabis delivery.

Should I consider tipping marijuana delivery drivers?
Cannabis delivery is a service just like food delivery so you are able to tip your weed delivery driver. It’s important to note that tipping a cannabis delivery driver is an option and not a mandatory fee for weed delivery so it’s totally up to you if you decide to tip and how much you want to tip.

If you do want to tip your marijuana delivery driver there are multiple options. First, you can add a tip when you check out using mobile prepayment. Second, you can tip your weed delivery driver when you use a debit card when you receive your weed delivery. Third, you can always give your cannabis delivery driver a cash tip.

Is marijuana delivery legal in Massachusetts?
In Massachusetts, marijuana delivery is legal as long as the delivery is fulfilled by a company with a license to sell marijuana in the state. The state regulates the operating hours for legal cannabis delivery services, which are limited to between 8am and 9pm. Additionally, all delivery drivers are required to wear body cameras during their deliveries, which is intended to increase accountability and ensure that deliveries are conducted in accordance with state regulations.

It’s important to note that there are still illegal delivery services operating in Massachusetts, which do not comply with state regulations and can pose significant risks to consumers’ health and safety. Some red flags that could indicate a marijuana delivery company is operating illegally is the sale of marijuana outside of the allowed operating hours. 24 hour weed delivery for example is illegal in the state of Massachusetts and is a big red flag. Being able to purchase more than one ounce of product is also a signal that the weed delivery operation is illegal.

To ensure that you are purchasing cannabis legally and safely, it is crucial to only use licensed delivery services that comply with state regulations. Licensed delivery services are required to follow strict guidelines for the transportation and delivery of cannabis, including employee background checks, GPS tracking, and compliance with packaging and labeling requirements.

By using a licensed cannabis delivery service, consumers can rest assured that they are purchasing safe, high-quality marijuana products that have been properly tested and labeled.

Is there a minimum order amount for weed delivery?
Rolling Releaf has a $60 order minimum for weed delivery with no delivery fees added.
Do you offer 24 hour weed delivery?
No, as a licensed weed delivery service in Massachusetts, we are required to adhere to the state’s regulations on operating hours. Under these regulations, cannabis delivery is only allowed between the hours of 8am and 9pm. At our Rolling Releaf, we operate from 12pm to 9pm on Tuesdays through Sundays in compliance with state law.

It’s important to note that no legal weed delivery service is permitted to operate 24/7. Any company that claims to offer 24-hour delivery services is likely operating outside the bounds of the law, and should be viewed with caution. These companies may be offering unregulated and untested cannabis products that could pose a serious risk to your health and safety.

To ensure that you are receiving safe, high-quality cannabis products, it is essential to only use licensed delivery services that comply with state regulations. These services are required to follow strict guidelines for the transportation and delivery of cannabis, including employee background checks, GPS tracking, and compliance with packaging and labeling requirements.

By choosing a licensed weed delivery service that operates within the legal hours set forth by the state, you can feel confident that you are supporting a responsible and regulated industry, while also ensuring the safety and quality of the products you purchase.

Do you offer weed delivery by mail?
We do not offer weed delivery by mail as it is illegal to mail any form of cannabis products due to federal regulations. It’s important to be cautious of companies that advertise this service, as no licensed marijuana delivery service will send you cannabis through the mail.

In fact, claims of weed delivery by mail are often associated with fraudulent e-commerce sites that aim to take your money without delivering any product, or may provide untested and non-compliant products that pose risks to your health and safety.

To ensure that you receive safe and high-quality cannabis products, it’s important to use a licensed and regulated marijuana delivery service that follows state guidelines for packaging, labeling, and transportation. By choosing a licensed delivery service, you can have confidence in the legitimacy and quality of the products you receive, while also supporting a responsible and regulated industry.

Do you offer a monthly subscription?
Rolling Releaf does not currently offer a monthly subscription but if you are interested in a marijuana monthly delivery service you can let us know in our contact section.